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Types of people in the world –

Those who like reading.



Those who love reading.


Those who are addicted to reading.



Tragic Cancellation

Day before yesterday, my family set out for a holiday in Mukteshwar. It is a hill station in Uttarakhand, India.


We have a small house there, it is nice and cozy with nice views on all sides. Surrounded by huge mountains, overlooking a valley covered in step farms. The best thing about its location is that it’s next to resort which means no worrying about meals!

The plan was to commence the journey at 4:00 PM, so that the foreseen delay of about  an hour could cause no harm. Make reservations for rooms along the way. Then stop only for snacks and resupplying the car with  bags of plain-salted chips, candies and empty ones to be filled when motion-sickness and nausea kick in. We were then going to halt at Hotel Bareilly Palace and call it a day. 200km of the journey made and the same amount of it left.

This part of the plan was executed pretty well though we hit the road at five instead of four.It was the next part which never actually came into action due to unavoidable circumstances (really unavoidable circumstances)…

After having an unexpectedly bad dinner at ‘Raj Darbar’, the Hotel’s restaurant which had a reputation for delicious food and desserts, we went to sleep.

During breakfast the next day, my grandfather gave a call to inform us of sad news. He said that it was raining cats and dogs in Uttarakhand, Mother Nature had unleashed her fury. Papa asked one of the waiters to switch on the T.V. placed in a corner and select the news channel. All the headlines said the same thing, the people of Uttarakhand were facing hell itself. The torrential rain couldn’t be stopped and were causing immense devastation, I could only pray for its victims.

We all knew what this meant. Crestfallen, we retraced our path back home. My disappointment was indescribable.
Our holiday to Mukteshwar had suffered a tragic cancellation…

sad face

Canine Humor

A couple of days ago I happened to come by a post which claimed that dogs smile. I decided to verify this with the assistance of my dog, Joey.
I got outstanding results!

There he was beside the dining table all serious and grumpy when I approached him wondering who was more insane—The person who published that post or myself.

“Hey, Joey!”,I called out to him hoping to grab his attention. He gave me an exasperated ‘What do you want!’ stare.


I said (quite sarcastically) ,” I’d like to see you smile.”

*no response*

“Please…You’re my pal, right?”

*Alarming turn of head indicating deviation of attention caused by aromatic chicken*

“Pretty PLEASE!”


“OMG! The dog’s insane!”

Joey.My best mate…


My dear dog, Joey is his name

Due to blessed fate, to me he came.

For me his innocent mind has no evil or hate.

He is my BEST MATE!

A concise description…

As I’ve already written, this is the place where all my pictures which are worth sharing shall reside.

Deep down inside me, I’ve always had an undying passion for photography.My craze for clicking pictures was often subdued by other routine activities but never wiped off my mind.Vacations are like spring for this hobby of mine.

I use my iPOD to click pictures as it is easy to handle and makes posting pictures easier.I know that it does not have the power of a proper camera but I believe that good gear isn’t all that matters.I’m not a serious professional anyway.

I shall now post one or two pictures daily along with a poem,quote or just simple text.

Riddle me this!

What is greater than god and more evil than the devil?Rich people need it, poor people have it and if you eat it you will die.

Tell me the right answer and I will give it to you.(I shall tell the answer tomorrow, you’ve got 24 hours…)

I discovered this mind-boggling riddle in one of the books from the Young Samurai series by Chris Bradford.