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Joey.My best mate…


My dear dog, Joey is his name

Due to blessed fate, to me he came.

For me his innocent mind has no evil or hate.

He is my BEST MATE!

A concise description…

As I’ve already written, this is the place where all my pictures which are worth sharing shall reside.

Deep down inside me, I’ve always had an undying passion for photography.My craze for clicking pictures was often subdued by other routine activities but never wiped off my mind.Vacations are like spring for this hobby of mine.

I use my iPOD to click pictures as it is easy to handle and makes posting pictures easier.I know that it does not have the power of a proper camera but I believe that good gear isn’t all that matters.I’m not a serious professional anyway.

I shall now post one or two pictures daily along with a poem,quote or just simple text.

Riddle me this!

What is greater than god and more evil than the devil?Rich people need it, poor people have it and if you eat it you will die.

Tell me the right answer and I will give it to you.(I shall tell the answer tomorrow, you’ve got 24 hours…)

I discovered this mind-boggling riddle in one of the books from the Young Samurai series by Chris Bradford.

While doing holiday homework today…

I got bored and heard voices speaking from inside me:-

You ain’t got no time to study!Get up!


You gotta work on ya eraser spinnin’ techniques!


My conscience went nuts and a battle raged in my mind.In the end desire lost and duty emerged victorious, as always.

Project Paper Tent -: Update

We’ve made the newspaper rods, now we have to join them and make the frame.The rods are twelve in number.

I’ll be using only four things to make the tent-

1.Scissors,2.Tape,3.Newspapers,4.Pen refills

Curious to know the procedure?I will post it soon…



New Category Notice

I’m proud to inform all my readers that your support has encouraged me to expand my blog.I will be adding another category on this blog soon.It will be for photography enthusiasts like me who believe that it isn’t just the high-tech gear that makes the picture remarkable, but the passion,talent and skill.I’ve decided to name it “An Exmor’s Memories.”

I’d love to receive any thoughts y’all have on this idea and please remember,I consider criticism as feedback.Your precious ideas would certainly improve my new page and make this blog more likeable.

Project Paper Tent is on the go!

Today we had a disastrous power-cut which lasted for more than 8 hours!

So, to kill time and escape boredom, I made a plan to make a tent that could accommodate me using just 4 things.I will tell how I’m going to make tomorrow, at the moment my bother is helping me with the initial preparations.

This is the progress we’ve made, yet…


My temporary pet.


This is Mr.Smitty Bacall.He was our honored guest 6 months ago, now he is in care of somebody more responsible…

His memories just came into my mind today for no reason.

My dog


I took this photo while he was asleep a few days ago.

During tests what I feel like doing-

Q.- Tell briefly, why do earthquakes occur?

Ans.- Due to many reasons.