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My temporary pet.


This is Mr.Smitty Bacall.He was our honored guest 6 months ago, now he is in care of somebody more responsible…

His memories just came into my mind today for no reason.

My dog


I took this photo while he was asleep a few days ago.

During tests what I feel like doing-

Q.- Tell briefly, why do earthquakes occur?

Ans.- Due to many reasons.

The reason for needing tough school stationery…


To keep up with the latest trends!

Shameful Defeat!

Today’s inauspicious morning brought a lot of humiliation to my delicate pride.I was in the kitchen with my brother and we decided to have a competition.The one who made better half fry eggs would obey the other for the rest of the day.

In the photograph below which was taken this morning are two eggs.One is a half fry egg while the other is something that was cooked with an intent to make a half fry egg.

To my greatest misfortune, the lower one is my brother’s while the one above it, belongs to me.Image

This photo irks me a lot and sends a wave of nausea through my body.I had to eat my ‘Half fry egg’, which was adorned with scrapings of the skillet instead of salt.


A little later…

I thought when mom would see all that, she’d be furious and I’d be like…Image

So I did this…


Chores, I hate them! Mom, too strong to be disobeyed…

This morning mom asked me to tidy the house because Madhu aunty had to leave early.

I thought about starting immediately after she’d left but couldn’t resist the temptation to postpone these despicable tasks.So, right now this is the situation…