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This is where all the good photos I’ve clicked reside.

Sunrise At Chilika Lake


You are looking at a sunrise over the Chilika Lake,

It is dawn and everyone should wake.

For this is a soothing and lively experience.

Gazing at the rays of sunlight pierce through the veil of mist and illuminate the surroundings,

let me tell you such divine pleasures are a happy life’s essence.

Maglajodi Bird Sanctuary


This is heaven on earth for a bird,

one of the rare exalted places it visits during migrations.

All those winged creatures consider this to be among the most sacred of God’s creations,

where they find food, joy and refuge.

Lake Naini, Himalayas


This photograph is of Lake Naini situated at the heart of Nainital.It is a hotspot for tourists in the mountainous region of The Himalayas.

By the way…Naini = eyes, Tal = Lake.The shape of the lake is like the sign of infinity i.e.Image.Therefore, this land of mesmerizing beauty is known as Nainital.

Joey.My best mate…


My dear dog, Joey is his name

Due to blessed fate, to me he came.

For me his innocent mind has no evil or hate.

He is my BEST MATE!

A concise description…

As I’ve already written, this is the place where all my pictures which are worth sharing shall reside.

Deep down inside me, I’ve always had an undying passion for photography.My craze for clicking pictures was often subdued by other routine activities but never wiped off my mind.Vacations are like spring for this hobby of mine.

I use my iPOD to click pictures as it is easy to handle and makes posting pictures easier.I know that it does not have the power of a proper camera but I believe that good gear isn’t all that matters.I’m not a serious professional anyway.

I shall now post one or two pictures daily along with a poem,quote or just simple text.