About S.R.D.M.M.

Secure Records Depository of My Memories, yeah I know the name is weird, is something I started for killing time. But as I wrote posts I realized that publishing stuff, looking at the comments, and the views gave me heartfelt pleasure. It turned into a hobby.On S.R.D.M.M. you can expect funny day to day stories and pictures to occasional hilarious moments of my life. Some of them will certainly tickle your funny bone while others might only upturn your lips,  if they fail to either of them I don’t mind some criticism in the comments. Although I only share those parts of my life which are worth sharing…

I hope that this little blog of mine entertains at least a few people in this world, if not many. That is what I write this blog for. My readers wish me luck and see if you find anything entertaining here!

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