I saw this bluish wasp for the first time with bulging eyes, appreciating God’s creativity and nature’s wondrous imagination.But then, all of a sudden it started flying and was accompanied by another of it’s kind.This triggered my self-defense reflex, I went nuts…

PICKED UP DA SWATTER AND ELECTROCUTED THE DUO.I regretted this later, I could’ve acted less violently.This is how the poor creatures are at the moment-



One thought on “Self-defense

  1. kim

    I too am experiencing the blue wasp duo as we speak. I swear after stepping on the 1st one no less than 20 times and it’s still living, these guys need to be released upon the enemy. They are quite pretty but as soon as you realize the size and that they are wasps indeed the beauty aspect leaves the mind as yes the nuts side of us humans kicks in. I too went nuts with no fly swatter in site I grabbed a bunch of paper and rolled it up and hit as hard as I could to find it still alive and flying. WTF I ask. Where do these big blue buggers come from? And what does it take to kill them?


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